Master Server CMS Installation

You can read this installation PDF for a detailed guide on how to setup the system on your web host.

CMS Features

  • User Accounts - Allow users to register and login to your website.
  • User Roles - Decide if a user has admin access, can be extended to other roles.
  • Page Creation - Create whole new pages that will be linked in your navigation bar, design your page using HTML, CSS and all features from Bootstrap 4!
  • Blog Posts - Easily share blogs with your visitors.
  • Update Posts - The main inspiration for "Updates" was to allow you to share changes from your games patch notes, these can be called from the API and listed in game.
  • Server List - View a list of current Servers running for your game, option to hide any of them temporarily. Blacklist feature coming soon!
  • Settings - Coming Soon!

This CMS system is light weight, meaning the purpose of the features included are for you to extend and customize for your own needs and provide a great starting point to do so.

Master Server Unity Setup

The Tidy Master Server Unity package is included in the CMS download package, to start with I would suggest extracting the package into a new project to test things out.

After you import the package you may need to re-import Text Mesh Pro, if you already have text mesh pro before importing TMS then untick Text Mesh Pro when importing TMS package.

The two main scripts in the package are TidyMasterServer.cs and TidyServerPing.cs.


This script handles the listing of servers from your game to your API, drag and drop this script onto the same gameobject as your network server script. The class is a singleton and can be called from other scripts with TidyMasterServer.instance.


This script needs to be inside your game scenes, it only runs on the server host but it will ping the API every 15 seconds. If the API does not receive a ping from a server in the list after 2 minutes, that server will be considered closed and removed from the list.

The rest of the files are for the demo scenes to give an active example of how you can use the system. Please keep in mind that this isn't that will "Just Work", you will need to customize it to fit into your game's needs. However, it is a very clean & adaptive starting point for you to learn.